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Sep 19, 2016
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Dianna Agron’s Got Ideas on How to Wear a Long, Pretty Dress This Summer

Jun 16, 2016
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Summer is here, and it’s awesome: the sandals and skirts come out, everything is lighter and more carefree. But the season also brings with it some style conundrums. For instance, how do you keep things easy when you’ve got work-to-weekend, sunrise-to-sunset fashion situations? Dianna Agron feels ya. “It’s hard to find a dress that you can style so many ways, that can take you from day to night, a piece you want to pack on every trip.” Hard but not impossible! As she, wearing La Ligne’s Bardot dress, shows us here.

Dianna paired the piece from the NYC-based company’s Essentials collection with a lace top and shoes from her own closet. Wearing the dress for day? Put it on sans blouse and you’re good to go.

Read the rest of the article here.

I have also added the photos to the gallery. Enjoy!

Gallery Link:

Photoshoots > Outtakes > Session #088

Dianna Agron on Her Role in Bare: “A Sex Scene Is Never an Easy Thing to Do”

Oct 29, 2015
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Dianna Agron is pushing herself into new territory in the dark fantasy, Bare, out Oct. 30. The drama, which first premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, stars the Glee alum as a naive small-town girl in Nevada named Sarah Barton, whose world bursts wide open when she meets the drifter Pepper (Paz de la Huerta). What follows is a journey through illicit drugs, seedy sex clubs, and troubling relationships.

“Nothing I’ve done since my time on Glee has been the same,” the 29-year-old actress told InStyle recently. “It’s important that I continue to challenge myself.” And that’s just what she did with this character. “I wanted to play a girl at a crossroads about to have a spiritual awakening. She is someone who is letting those around her make her choices for her, and isn’t taking charge of her own destiny. I wanted to show that life doesn’t just happen to you. At any given point, you have choices, and you have to decide what to do about them.”

Part of her character’s journey involves becoming romantically involved with Pepper. You will see them escaping for wild nights out together, cuddling, and kissing throughout the film. Their believable intimacy was due, in large part, to their contrasting energies. “Pepper is headstrong, brazen at all times, full of passion,” recalled Agron. “In order for me to play the submissive, I needed someone [like Paz] with that energy. And luckily that’s what we had together.”

Their romance culminates in a desert sex scene after the two characters take psychedelics and spend the day high, roaming the abyss. Agron said it was freezing when the scene was shot. And she was nude. “This was not my first sex scene on camera, but it was my first with a woman,” she said. “No matter who it is, a sex scene is never an easy thing to do. But there is a trust in your scene partner, and a dedication to giving the moment integrity. Before you know it, it’s over, and you’ve forgotten everything you’ve just done. Actors all say the same thing, but that’s because it’s true. Sex scenes are just awkward.”

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Dianna Agron on sexuality, hollywood, and her bravest role yet

Oct 29, 2015
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Next year I’ll be 30 and I couldn’t be happier. I’m very proud of the woman I’ve become.” We love to hear that from Dianna Agron, especially when discussing her latest film Bare.It’s perhaps her bravest role yet, taking on stripping, her first nude scene, and the sexual and existential liberation of a young girl in Nevada. It’s the desert, drugs, Paz de le Huerta, and a totally trippy adventure of a film. In the film directed by newcomer Natalia Leite, Agron plays Sarah, a woman stuck working at a supermarket, still living at home, and dating a guy she doesn’t even like. When wanderer Pepper (Huerta) crashes on her couch, appearing out of nowhere, they begin a friendship. Pepper’s motives are elusive and she’s clearly a bad influence, giving Sarah drugs and eventually helping her land a job at the local strip club. As dangerous as Pepper may seem, Sarah becomes attracted to her freedom, both sexually and emotionally. As Sarah moves farther away from her tedious past, she will deal with how her decisions affect her future.  We recently spoke to Agron about making the move into such risky, new territory, her own rebellion growing up, and her views on the fluidity of sexuality.

This film really launches you into new territory as an actress. Were you at a placewhere you were ready to break free a bit?
I guess I have always been ready for different roles and challenges, but they come at different times, some when you’re ready and some when you’re not. I read Bare a year before I signed on. When I first read it, I didn’t engage because they wanted me for Sarah. If anything, I wanted to play Pepper, play against the innocent look that I can tend to have and use some of my past experiences to fuel the role. I never spoke with Natalia and it wasn’t until a year later when it came back around, due to scheduling conflicts with another actress, that I had a new perspective. I came to the conclusion that playing Sarah could be an homage to the time where I, too, was at a crossroads and even though it was over 10 years ago, I could access that with the right actress opposite me.

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Dianna Agron for Marie Claire Italia about becoming a director

Sep 16, 2015
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Marie Claire Italia interviewed Dianna about her job as a director of L’Américaine, so check below what she’s said!

The original interview is in Italian, so if you’re posting it anywhere else in English, please credit us.

It’s been a couple of years since the ending of Glee, the musical tv-show that made her famous throughout the world, but Dianna Agron seems not to think about it anymore. Except when she gets recognized and hugged by all the loyal fans that follow her since Glee-time, just like it’s happened in Paris, on the set of L’Américaine, the short movie she’s written and directed for the american designer Tory Burch, whose main character is played by the beautiful Margaret Qualley. Between her directing projects, theatre (she played a character in the London stage McQueen, The Play), new movies and a web magazine directed by herself, she seems to be always full of life.

You started dedicating to many activities other than acting, are you now focusing on directing?

About directing I like the idea of putting things together, it just seemed a normal progression of what I’ve learned in the past years spent acting. As an actress, sometimes I found it very frustrating not to have the full view of the movie and I found out that I like having control behind the camera, search for the right framing, work on the characters with the actors. I hope to act in things more selected and to have more time for directing.

Do you like power?

Not in the way of having unconditional power or despotism, more like leading the ship to a complete creative vision.

Committing to so many things at the same time is good or are you risking not to be taken seriously at all?

You risk that when you’re not looking for excellence. Directing is not a quirk or an activity that I simply want to add to my resume. And I think that when you’re seriously committing, people understand that. Sometimes I think of people like James Franco or Shia LeBeouf have a better life when it comes to this, while when a women tries to get in a position of authority and influence, then you have more doubts.

Have your received any instruction or wish by Tory Burch for the short movie L’Américaine?

Actually, everything was put in my hands and because of this I felt a big responsibility. I’ve written four screenplays but the last one was my favorite: two guys talking about the girl is a homage to one of my favorite movies, An American In Paris. My main concern was that short movies about fashion or history is so complicated that clothes can be barely seen or, on the contrary, you slip to the advertisement losing the magic of the plot.

So you love classic movies?

When I was little I used to watch many movies with my mom, who loved the charme and the innocence of the characters, so obviously Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Cary Grand and others were my heroes on the screen. Many actors from my generation don’t know much about “d’antan” cinema, but they don’t understand how important it is, especially because many directors refer to these movies nowadays.

Do you remember a movie or a scene in particularly?

When it comes to movies, I’d say An American In Paris, A Woman Is A Woman and Breathless by Jean-Luc Godard, and Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn. But I still remember clearly what I’ve thought when I was a kid, when in Sabrina, Audrey arrived to the party with her wonderful black and white dress of Givenchy: I hoped that one day I would’ve felt elegant and feminine just like her.

You decided to talk about a fling in the short movie, is Paris still the city of love?

Any city is, as long as you find love. Actually, I’m attracted to the dynamics of the first dates, not only love ones, and I wanted to try to talk about one.

Do you believe in the “coup de foudre”?

I believe in crush at first sight and love after a few days.

Are there any causes you support?

I try to work on events of associations that support schooling and after school activities for everybody. I think that the right incentive allow children to find and strengthen their own capacities of any kind. I’ve been lucky and I attended a wonderful public school in San Francisco, which is a culturally up-to-date city, but this doesn’t always happen and school can really make a difference in somebody’s life.

While you were shooting your short movie in Paris, you’ve been recognized and suddenly surrounded by your fans that have been following you since Glee, after so many years.

It’s true, it’s incredibly how they’ve been so loyal to me and it’s beautiful that they still support me in everything I do. You can obviously never get tired of people who tell you how much they appreciate you.


Video & Article: Tory Burch’s New Fashion Film “L’Américaine”

Aug 28, 2015
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To celebrate her recently opened Paris flagship store, Tory Burch designed the Paris Capsule Collection. And to fete that range of fun and flirty sportswear she, along with Glee actress and now writer/director Dianna Agron and The Leftovers actress Margaret Qualley collaborated on a feel-good short film titled L’Américaine, debuting Aug. 31.

As all great things do, this project came about quite naturally. Agron, who polished her behind-the-camera chops directing a music video last year, was having lunch with a friend at the company who asked her advice on short film budgets since they were being pitched by production companies. “I said, ‘I can do it for this,’” recalls Agron, “I was [sort of] joking — not pitching myself, not ‘you have to hire me.'” But a week later, she tells Pret-a-Reporter, “They said, ‘we’re really quite interested in your take and what you would do.’ I wrote a couple pitches and it ended up working.”

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Dianna Agron Reveals Her Secret To Looking Like She’s Still in High School

Aug 24, 2015
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Teen Vogue made a wonderful interview to Dianna recently and they’ve now released it so check it out below!

When it comes to recent notable TV shows and films revolving around high school, what pops into your mind? Of course, there’s Mean Girls, Awkward, Pretty Little Liars, Easy A. But one of the most followed high school crews in the past years has to be our friends from William McKinley High School in Glee. And in the center of that musical, magical spectacle was, of course, Quinn Fabray, played by Dianna Agron. Even though Glee ended its run, Dianna will forever be the popular cheerleader singing and dancing her way through the halls. But did you know that Dianna wasn’t even a teenager when the show was on the air? And even now, as she approaches 30, she still manages to look as glowy and fresh as she did in her teen role. We caught up with the singer/actress to talk all things health and beauty. And to find out her secret to maintaining that impeccably gorgeous skin. It turns out that even though she’s killing it on the stage and on the big screen, she’s all about pausing for spa nights with her besties.

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Dianna on the red carpet of Zipper at Sundance (video)

Aug 24, 2015
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Mike Pais was so nice to share a bit of his interview with Dianna on the red carpet of Zipper at Sundance Film Festival, to celebrate the movie that will be out in theaters this weekend. Check what our lovely actress said and watch the video!

What tips do you have for resisting temptation?

Dianna: I think you have to be really honest with yourself. I think a lot of people aren’t in their relationships and their work situations and so many different arenas. I think you’re the happiest when you’re honest with yourself and what you need and want.


Dianna Agron – from Glee to McQueen (interview + photo)

Jun 12, 2015
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Vice.com has just published a lovely interview to Dianna today, which you can find below and under the cut, and if you want to see the bigger version of this new photo of Dianna, just click on the image or check our photo gallery!

Best known for her role as popular cheerleader, Quinn Fabray, in high school musical dramaGlee, Dianna Agron is by every account the all American girl next door. She has honey coloured hair, rosy cheeks, and a smile made out of sunshine. That she was cast as the dark and haunting Dahlia, raven haired and angst-ridden, in John Caird’s theatrical production ofMcQueen, is about as bewitching as the play itself, and yet it’s a role she pulls off seamlessly. Fictional in its telling, and fairytale-like in its blurring the boundaries of fantasy and reality, the play traverses through time and space, offering a patchwork of vignettes that depict the troubled designer’s life, from his days at Saville Row to an otherworldly meeting with the equally troubled Isabella Blow. With the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty show opening at the V&A earlier this year, it couldn’t have been a more perfect time for a play about the designer’s struggles as an artist. Then again, with a subject matter so controversial, it was never going to be easy, and true to form, the play has not been without its fair share of criticism, not that Dianna minds, though, especially when she has the support of the designer’s family without whom the play wouldn’t have been possible.

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