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New Owner and Tumbledown Set Images

Apr 12, 2014
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Hello everyone, I’m Holly and I will be running Adoring Dianna Agron from now on. Don’t worry though, Renee will still be a part of the site and stepping in every now and then to help out! I’ve uploaded some images of Dianna from the set of her new movie Tumbledown to the gallery, please stay tuned for more images which I will be adding slowly!

Gallery Links:
Film Productions > [2014] Tumbledown > On Set: April 6, 2014
Film Productions > [2014] Tumbledown > On Set: April 8, 2014

January 09 2014 Candids

Jan 10, 2014
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I’ve added seven photos of Dianna leaving Cafe Gratitude earlier today!


dao_20140109_002.jpg dao_20140109_004.jpg dao_20140109_005.jpg dao_20140109_007.jpg

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January 08 2014 Candids

Jan 10, 2014
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The Family Press Junket Interview

Aug 28, 2013
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New Site Themes

Mar 9, 2013
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Thanks to Tholaire, Dianna Agron Online has gorgeous new themes for both the main site and the gallery!




New photoshoot

Dec 18, 2012
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I’ve added one large outtake from a portrait session did during last year’s Glee Live tour.

dao_068_01.jpg dao_068_01.jpg dao_068_01.jpg dao_068_01.jpg


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Nintendo 3DS Commercials Screencaps

Nov 6, 2012
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I’ve added HD screencaptures from both of Dianna’s Nintendo 3DS advertisements, as well as the behind the scenes video.


dao_N3DS-AA_121.jpg dao_N3DS-PL_312.jpg dao_N3DS-BTS_001.jpg

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Major Gallery and Site Updates

Nov 1, 2012
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My name is Renee and I’m the new owner of dianna-agron.org. I used to run di-agron.com, but I have decided to merge the two sites together! As a result, the gallery on this site now has almost 10,000 new albums, including some exclusive HQ photoshoots, events photos, candids, and screencaps.

Also, you can now follow the site on twitter on @diannaagron_org


dao_NintendoBTS_014.jpg dao_2012MetPrepHQ_07.jpg dao_AmAus_005.jpg dao_CiteDuCinema_010.jpg

dao_20120509_07.jpg  dao_20120507C_00.jpg  dao_064_02.jpg  dao_063_02.jpg

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Giffoni Film Festival: 42th Edition

Jul 23, 2012
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Dianna Agron jetted to Italy for the 2012 Giffoni Film Festival in Giffoni Valle Piana. On July 22, Dianna posed for fans and photographers as she held the Giffoni Award in her hands.

The 26-year-old actress rocked a Prada dress, which she paired with some fun, red Miu Miu sunglasses and a Dana Rebecca Designs necklace.

“Here in Giffoni, youth and kids from all over the world meet each other, become friends and in the meantime talk about cinema and art. It’s amazing!” Dianna dished. “This is amazing at all! I wish I had joined a festival like this when I was your age.”

Gallery Links:
Public Events > 2012 > Giffoni Film Festival: 42th Edition – Day 9

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Current Projects

The Laureate (pre-pro)
Dianna as Laura Riding
A married couple on the brink of disillusion allows a stranger to live with them in their idyllic cottage. Will this stranger push their fragile state over the edge?
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Shiva Baby (pre-pro)
Dianna as Kim
At a Jewish funeral service with her parents, a college student runs into her sugar daddy.
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Berlin, I Love You (2019)
Dianna as Katarina
Ten stories of compassion, redemption and acceptance into a rich tapestry of life and love.
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Against the Clock (2019)
Dianna as Tess Chandler
After new CIA recruit is seriously injured during a mission his wife Tess, a former CIA operative, becomes determined to find out what happened to her husband.
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Hollow in the Land (2017)
Dianna as Alison Miller
A woman with a troubled past sets out to find her missing brother.
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The Crash (2017)
Dianna as Amelia Rhondart
In the not so distant future, a team of white collar criminals are enlisted by the Federal government to thwart a cyber-attack that threatens to bankrupt the United States of America.
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